Montag, 19. Dezember 2011


Am Sonntag habe ich mein 15.! Paar Hausschuhe gestrickt & gefilzt. Gerade noch rechtzeitig zu Weihnachten für eine Freundin meiner Tochter.
Wolle: Filzwolle von Max Gründl in hellgrau mit wollweissem Stern (ja, ähm, das sollte eigentlich ein Stern sein ...)

Yesterday I knitted & felted a pair of slippers. It's a christmals gift for the friend of my daughter. I stitched a star on the slippers, but after felting them in the washing machine ... I don't know, it doesn't look like stars any more ... anyway .. they are warm and cosy!


coco hat gesagt…

it was a typo, errands.
have a good day

coco hat gesagt…

yesterday, i went to the bank, postoffice to send mail and buy stamps etc, did some grocery shopping....all those little visit to places and get things done is called "errands".
☺ no problem moni.
i am now sipping coffee and get ready for work soon.
thanks for coming to my place again. your chocolate below post looks great..yammy.
good day!

coco hat gesagt…

oh, forgot to say something, people in Europe seem to speak 2, 3 launguages beside your own native toungue. I admire for that.
The life must be fun to be able to so speak many languages in daily life.